Empowering Borrego Valley's Sustainable Future through Proposition 68 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) Implementation Funding

Overview and Objectives     

Borrego Valley Stewardship Council (BVSC), is currently working on a resiliency strategy, focused on enhancing understanding of the local environment and basin-wide challenges, empowering community members to engage in basin-wide planning, and ensure fair representation in decision-making efforts, such as the Groundwater Management Plan (GMP), among others.

The Resiliency Strategy for Borrego Valley is funded through the Department of Water Resources’ Proposition 68 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) Implementation Grant awarded to the Borrego Valley Stewardship Council with support from CivicWell (formerly the Local Government Commission. CivicWell will assist with project management and implementation, and conduct outreach to residents and stakeholders to ensure robust community engagement and input. Howard Blackson was selected as the technical consultant to conduct technical analysis, documentation mapping, and evaluation for the project, and lead the community visioning process.


Our Plan

To support basin coordination and expand local knowledge and ability to engage in basin-wide planning and decision-making, the project team will conduct a visioning and planning process to engage community members and better understand the community’s history, needs, challenges, and opportunities. Throughout this process, the project team will conduct a series of Online Webinars, Educational Seminars regarding groundwater and town planning resources, community-wide Town Hall events, and Informal Social Gatherings, to support community members in envisioning a resilient future for the Borrego Valley.


How to get Involved:

Your participation and enthusiasm for improving Borrego Springs are greatly appreciated and are essential for successful public engagement, preparation, and implementation of this project! Let’s collaborate to build a sustainable and resilient Borrego Valley for generations to come.

Timeline of Community Events

  1. Educational Seminars: Borrego U (Fall 2023):

    • Seminars on water resource management and town planning resources.

  2. Formal Town Hall Events (Winter 2024 – Spring 2024):

    • Community-wide Town Hall events for consensus-building and community visioning.

  3. Informal Social Gatherings (Winter 2024 – Spring 2024):

    • Casual gatherings for community dialogue and reflection.