Memorandum of Understanding 

April 8, 2022

WHEREAS, the community of Borrego Springs, California is the primary gateway for visitors to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (ABDSP, the Park), which surrounds the community on all sides;


WHEREAS, ABDSP, a National Natural Landmark and an International Biosphere Reserve, is the largest desert State Park in the nation (640,000 acres) and one of the largest protected areas in the West;


WHEREAS, the Park and the community, together, drive national and international visitation exceeding ~ 500,000 tourists each year. (Visitors to the ABDSP account for over $40 million in annual revenue to the region.);


WHEREAS, Borrego Springs encompasses a thriving community with 3,400 permanent residents, 5,000 seasonal residents, golf courses, lodging establishments, a university research center, airports, electric vehicle-charging stations, and a community medical center;


WHEREAS, Borrego Springs is California’s first International Dark Sky Community and is home to numerous art, architecture, music, environment, sport, and recreation events and experiences;


WHEREAS, the community of Borrego Springs has a diversity of active, effective, and engaged volunteer organizations, State, Federal, and County agencies, and thriving local businesses;


WHEREAS, there is a strong desire to build, maintain, and preserve a sense of place, community identity and pride, stressing the authentic and unique attributes of the town and region;


WHEREAS there is a need for a council to link community organizations, focus resources, prioritize activities, engage publics, orient the community toward an economically vibrant and sustainable future, define attainable goals, and identify policies of government agencies that foster effective stewarding of the town and region;


THE UNDERSIGNED parties to this Memorandum of Understanding commit to support the following Mission and Objectives:




To celebrate, promote, and protect the unique character, irreplaceable resources, and economic vitality of the Borrego Springs Community and the Anza Borrego Desert State Park for residents, businesses, visitors, and future generations.



  • Advocate long-term economic vitality, social equity, and well-managed growth for the community and Park by facilitating and supporting the  integration of planning, natural and cultural resource management, land use, and economic development
  • Identify and facilitate a shared vision for community and region with an emphasis on sustainable tourism and destination management
  •  Promote inclusiveness through a commitment to citizen involvement, diverse membership, outreach, partnerships, and collaboration
  •  Serve as a forum for discussion, input, and community action on topical issues, opportunities, and challenges related to the mission 
BVSC will confine its deliberations to issues and strategic actions related to Sustainable Tourism, Natural and Culturals Resource Management, Land Use, Economic Development and other issues of major significance to the broader community. (Amended 3/26/2021)


BVSC is governed by its Bylaws, adopted by membership at the Annual Meeting April 8, 2022.